19 Aug Performance Reviews: Uncertain times call for effective preparation

19 August 2020

Preparing for your performance review discussion? Uncertain times call for a different approach.

As COVID-19 coincided with performance reviews this year, many performance review discussions have been pushed back to later in the year. Preparing for valuable and constructive performance review discussions will be important and non-monetary benefits may form a key part of discussions this year.

Our directors, Charles Handley and Vicky Feros, hosted an informative industry webinar covering:

  • GFC learnings and recovery​
  • Current market ​trends
  • Approaching performance review discussions​
  • Salary, bonus and non-monetary incentives​
  • Takeaway tips​

For a brief summary of the presentation, as well as an insightful infographic of research results taken from the attendees, please click on the below images.

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Presentation summary

Infographic: How are your peers approaching
2020 performance reviews?

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