25 Jun Attract, engage and retain during 2021 and beyond

25 June 2021

To remain competitive in this busy and turbulent recruitment environment, we strongly encourage our clients to consider how to attract, engage and retain top talent. Some consideration points based on discussions with candidates are below.


  • Both the firm’s brand and team reputation are equally important.
  • Salaries must now meet the market; good candidates have many options to choose from.
  • Support resources and infrastructure are valued more than ever; under-resourced team members become reactive and leave firms.
  • Create appeal beyond the traditional opportunity such as client facing responsibilities.
  • Talent pool to raise your profile and define your brand, disseminate messages to the market by meeting candidates in advance of the need arising.


  • Ensure a good candidate interview experience; run smooth and quick recruitment processes with regular communication.
  • Partners must play a role in engaging senior professionals.
  • Mould roles around people you want in your team, you can teach skills but you not attitude or cultural fit.
  • Keep in touch with exceptional candidates in your talent pool.


  • Provide continuous learning and development opportunities.
  • Give people stretch opportunities before they ask for them.
  • Pay market rate and reward performance, particularly for long-standing team members.
  • Create additional title bands and offer additional responsibility such as key clients to manage.
  • Create bonus structures for high performers.
  • Know your team and what drives them long term.
  • Be clear on differentiation – title, salary and focus.
  • Partners must demonstrate the value they place on the team.

Next steps

If you’re interested to learn more about opportunities we are currently working on or to understand more about the market and current trends, contact a member of the Dalton Handley team for a confidential discussion and expert advice. Email: australia@daltonhandley.com Phone: +61 2 8042 7970.